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For Folk Songs and Dances, Pleven

For more than ten years a Bulgarian folk song has been flying into Space, sent to unknown civilizations as a friendly message.

If your personal and professional interests are connected with the art of music and dancing, more specifically with the folklore of the Balkan countries, it would probably be of benefit to you to get acquainted with the folklore art of the Severnyashki (North Bulgarian) Ensemble for folk songs and dances from Pleven, Bulgaria.

The ensemble was founded 49 years ago and till now has appeared in more than 5000 concerts, attended by over 2 500 000 people.

The ensemble has participated in four guest performances in Russia; it has made two successful concert tours in Spain and Italy; has presented the magic of Bulgarian folklore in Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Germany, France, Greece, Canada, the USA and Canary Islands.

The ensemble comprises of sixty artists - singers, musicians and dancers. They represent the most characteristic features of the folklore area between the Danube river and the Balkan mountains (Stara Planina). Music, songs and dances depict the authentic labour, wedding and horo rituals, using typical folk instruments - rebec, wooden flute (kaval), bagpipe, pandore and timbal.

Each concert is based on profound study and enrichment of the song and dance folklore. They are performed as grand concert-shows to enhance the astonishing unity of the Bulgarian folk song and dance.

Music and choreography merge to recreate the amazing symbiosis of the common plot and dynamic line, colourful costumes and dancing.

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